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Professional Organizations



A leading organization addressing the needs of individuals with significant disabilities. Its goals include Equity, Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion.

Council for Exceptional Childre n


Website for the professional organization of teachers, administrators, parents, and other individuals interested in the education of students with disabilities

No Child Left Behind


Federal government’s website provides the entire text of that law, a summary of it, FAQs, and related information.

National Association for Down Syndrome


Valuable source of information about students with Down syndrome; includes resources, news, and information about this relatively common syndrome.

• The Arc


Nonprofit organization dedicated to including children and adults with intellectual disabilities into everyday life, has a website filled with resources for understanding students with intellectual disabilities.

American Foundation for the Blind


Extensive information about visual impairments and programs and services for students with this disability.

United Cerebral Palsy Association


Information about the causes, classification, prognosis, treatment, and psychological aspects of cerebral palsy.

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America


News, research updates, discussion boards, and resources related to this genetic disorder.

The Brain Injury Association, Inc.


Includes information about causes, cost, prevention, and treatment of TBI. It even has a kid's corner.

The National Association of the Deaf


Advocates for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, providing information on topics related to hearing loss and serving these individuals.

The Learning Disabilities Association of America (LDA)


Helpful support group for parents of students with learning disabilities. Valuable information on parental rights and tips for parenting are available.

National Association of Special Education Teachers


Professional organization for special education teachers and students studying to become teachers. Site provides information about special education law, disability information, teaching resources, and other professional resources. An e-journal is available for members.

National Association of Parents with Children in Special Education


Provides information about disabilities, special education law, advocacy, transition services parent forums and other resources.

Spina Bifida Association


Provides information about spina bifida, Insights into Advocacy eNewsletter, National Resource Center resources, and research information.


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