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Service Delivery Options (ex: co-teaching, teams)

The National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals (NRCP)


Founded in 1979 to support paraprofessionals who work in schools. This site includes several discussion boards, including one for teachers and administrators who have questions about working with paraprofessionals.

Center for Collaborative Organizations


Provides a glimpse into the importance of teams in a wide variety of professions. At this website, you can link to exercises for team building, assessments about your qualities for teaming, and information on teaming specialized contexts. How do these sites relate to your profession?

• LD in Depth: Individualized Education Program


IEPs for most students with learning and behavior disabilities include goals and supports in the academic areas of reading math, and writing. This website provides many links to help parents and teachers develop IEPs in academic areas.

• Power of 2


Website addressing collaborative strategies for successfully including students with disabilities. Examples of information provided include FAQs, articles, and links to related sites.




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